hr management system sri lanka

HR Management System

Many companies facing difficulties to find suitable, rightly trained, team workers, result oriented employees for their organization. Many will come and stay around till they get trained. Others will be always looking at shortcuts to make money. Some others will engage enough of part time work while employed by you while others learn your business and go away with your customers and become your competitors. Our hr management software is a fully complete HR solution to maintain employee Human Resources activities. Our solution consist of fully competent accurate online Attendance and Leave Management System which can be recorded all the employee attendance information, OT information along with real-time leave updates and integrated payroll solution.

Main key Modules


A comprehensive leave management solutionsystematize the functionalities of the employee leave in the organization. Authorized admin user can be able to define leave types, leave groups, holiday schedules, leave entitlements and etc.


Attendance Module contains all the possible functionalities with related to the Attendance management in an organization. The system supports to capture employee attendance information from any attendance monitoring device. An authorized admin user can define Roster information, Shift information as admin functions and manage employees’ attendance by managing them with employees. 


Comprehensive Payroll Module contains several ease methods to calculate the employee salaries at the given date of an organization. This module help authorized admin user to create company related payment types, payroll groups and manage employees among the system. At the end of the process of the payroll, authorized admin user can generate employee pay slip, and related reports.

Personal Management

Since the main key module in oursolution, we gathered and entered all employee information under this area. This is act like the “Digital Employee Personal File”, as we consider most of the aspect of the employee information in a central location.