Chrome extensions for web designers and web developers

Google’s Chrome browser has conquered not only the market of internet users but also
designers and developers. For those who are seeking better designing and development
options, these Chrome extensions will make the job easier. Google Chrome is also the first
choice for web developers in the development field and website design company in Sri
Lanka. In the following post, you will find a bunch of such useful extensions.
It is an extension that is used to measure a website in the browser and the distances
between combined elements. To do this, place the mouse pointer between the individual
items. Two lines indicate which length is measured – the vertical and horizontal distance
next to elements, respectively.
Responsive Inspector monitors your media queries
The “Responsive Inspector” promises to work with media queries. Thus, the tool shows
which media queries exist in the document; it can bring the browser to the settings of the
particular media query and display the exact position of the query in the style sheet. Also,
the plugin creates a screenshot of the entire page in the dimensions of the particular media
query. It is available in the Chrome web store.
“Text” is a simple text editor for Chrome and Chrome OS. You can have multiple documents
open at once, get syntax highlighting, and sync your data to Google Drive.
Window Resizer
“Window Resizer” is one of the specialised tools used for changing the browser window to a
specific size. This is very useful if you need to test responsive designs. The list of fixed
resolutions, which leads to a resize by a single click, is entirely customizable.
With the plugin “ColorZilla” you can find out the colours that are used on a website. With
this, you drive over the corresponding hue, and it is already displayed which HTML code is
behind it. You can also create gradients and select colours from a palette without using a
What font
If you have discovered any font on a website that you would like to use, it is vital to
determine its name. The extension “WhatFont” helps you further. Instead of searching for
the font name in the style sheets, you can find the name of a relevant font by enabling
“WhatFont”. A small tooltip tells you the name of the font used. Clicking on the text will give
you additional information, such as the font size and colour.