Creating an Ecommerce website in Sri Lanka- 6 Key Factors to Consider

This is simply the era of technology and innovation. We can see the popularity of an Ecommerce website in Sri Lanka. People are starting their ecommerce business online and getting a profit. Also, a large percentage of modern users prefer mobile commerce apps to ecommerce websites.

There are different factors you need to consider while making an ecommerce website. The most important thing is that your ecommerce website must convey optimal user experience alongside the look, feel, features, and functionality of the website. Moreover, make sure there is better accessibility, usability, security, credibility, and search engine visibility in your Ecommerce website in Sri Lanka.

Top factors to consider while launching your website-

Site Design-

The design and user interface of the ecommerce website are crucial that can highlight your site. It should be impressive and engage visitors precisely. In such cases, you can add different elements to your site such as a familiar logo, shopping deals, product options, product reviews and testimonials, and call to action, etc. Alongside this, the look and feel of your website ought to be instinctive enough.

Mobile Optimization-

As we know that most of the users use their mobiles and tablets to explore any website, your website must have a responsive design to be compatible with both computers and mobile devices. It can also improve the website’s visibility.

Search Box-

An eCommerce website should enable the users to search and find the relevant products sans delays and hassle. Your site should include a search box that can make your users possible to search for their desired products effectively and buy them directly.

Shopping Cart-

You must include appropriate shopping cart software that allows users to check their previous and current purchases rapidly and expediently. Users can also add or remove items via shopping cart sans hassle. As an owner, make sure a shopping cart has better accessibility and visibility to be used properly.

Payment Options-

The online payment option and financial transactions of customers should be flexible and securedby utilising a dependable payment gateway and the up-to-date encryption methods. Make sure your users can able to access the flexible online payment options to make payment for the products purchased by them. The payment options can include debit/credit cards or internet banking, PayPal and digital wallets, etc.


Make sure you can keep the users engaged by making their shopping experience fast and hassle-free. You can also offer products at discounted prices, free shipping options, and keep the shopping and checkout process simple.

The development of a website incorporates different steps such as planning, design, development, testing, release, etc. However, support and maintenance are also the key factors provided by an expert team to keep the website working efficiently. For the best result, you can visit