Free Web Hosting: is it the Best Option for You?

As a potential website owner, you will have to choose between free hosting and paid hosting. There are many options for cheap web hosting for running a cost-effective web design and development company, but you can decide to try free hosting at first before subscribing to any monthly package.

Free hosting is perfect if you are a novice website design company in Sri Lanka or if you have no prior knowledge in HTML or CSS. Some hosts do provide a cPanel interface, but for those without coding skills, can try some user-friendly customised panels that are easy to drag and drop.

You can also opt for free hosting if you find a good domain name for your site. Although you will not have the opportunity to get the actual domain, you can find a similar option already on the free hosting and pick the appropriate domain available from the list.

Another advantage is that you will now have the option of buying your domain name and transferring it to your free host. Domain purchase is a one-time expense, and many free hosts do allow domain owners to upload their domain name to the free account. This can be ideal for start-up web development companies in Sri Lanka.

However, free hosting is not what you want if your site is a corporate or business website as it is essential to have a unique domain name to dominate your customers and business image online. So find a host that will offer the best options for your website.

It is straightforward to transfer your free site onto a different host once you decide to pay for web hosting services. You will not lose any data or settings, but the only thing that changes is the fact that you are now paying for hosting every month. It is best to decide between free or paid hosting by considering the long term results of your website.