Nav Mobile App Developments by gui sri lanka

GUI Dynamics NAV Mobile solutions

Our Dynamic Nav mobile application grants all the features to potential customers in a simple way, and there’s an overwhelming chance that you will be interested in our mobile app.
This is a Microsoft Dynamics integrated application that helps move your business forward.
The key modules are Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Approval Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Production, QA, and Distribution.
As a dependable application, this covers most notable features including, Dash Board Overview, Integrated Camera, GPS Location Tracking, Online and Offline Data Synchronization and Barcode Scanning. 

Main key Modules

Sales Management

Using sales management will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships within your business. It will provide to the salesperson to track sales orders, sales invoices, payments, manage their customer’s contacts, view stock information etc.

Purchasing Management

Purchase Management is the is One of the most crucial areas of the business.

Extensive Purchase function to maintain totrack purchase orders, purchase Receipt, Purchase Return etc.

Approval Management

The administration can directly view and approve pending “Purchase orders, Sales Order, QA Requests” of every company. And also allows to delegate to different employers and reject approvals.

Inventory Management

Inventories can be maintained through the system. Adding or reporting existing or new products can be prospectively achievable with this system. As an advantage, the administration can be notified earlier the necessary products get over.

Warehouse Management

A warehouse management isa process that allows organizations tocontrol and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse.

The day-to-day management of operations in a warehouse can be difficult to track, especially carry a lot of products. Our warehouse Management solution helps to bridge the gap between the warehouse and management.


Manufacturing Management is a collection of the process used to define how to manufacture products are to be tracked. Our Manufacturing solution helps to analyze and optimize complex production processes to track in a simple and intuitive manner.


Quality assurance is the process used in the management. It allows to view production Quality Assurance information to review and approve.
The administration can directly approve the QA approval request via mobile apps.


Extensive Distribution function to maintain customer information, generate stock request, handing sales invoice against the sales order, tracking stock transfer, view master stock information etc.

How it helps you

We have developed and customize mobile apps to be compatible with the PDA unit.

We have designed visually, fully functionally and excellent user-friendly mobile applications.

Significant data will be centralized in the mobile app to provide the easy access to the user.

More accurate and high-quality data customized and capturing is fast.

We are not using any user license for mobile applications.

Real-time with real data are posted on the Navision side in efficiency.