How to better optimize your site to rank on Google?

To rank your website on the search engine, it needs to meet the guidelines specified by Google. With over 200 ranking factors, here are some of the key areas you need to focus on increasing a website’s presence on Google.

Optimizing your pages

The initial step is to optimise the web pages or the website according to Google guidelines. Once the keyword research is finalised (refer the post “How to reference your site on Google in 2020?”), you will have to optimise the pages that match with each keyword. Include relevant keywords in the title tag section of the right page and add a Meta description with a call to action.

Then comes the content optimisation. The content should be written for humans and not for robots. By means; it shouldn’t be overstuffed with keywords. It should be relevant and unique. Various web development companies in Sri Lanka have different views about content optimisation and keyword density. 

Building links

The web is built from links, and it will always have a very important weight in ranking your site. The authority of a site often measured by its link popularity and where they come from, which is called off-page optimisation.  

Technical optimization

In addition to on-page and off-page optimisation, there are some technical aspects that should not be overlooked:

Security: Google has officially stated that site security is a ranking signal of the search algorithm. So, having a site with HTTPS connection will also help your site appear on top results.

Mobile-first: Google’s mobile-first index is now a reality, which means results are prioritized according to pages optimized for mobile devices.

The speed of fast: The loading time of a website is clearly an element of priority if you want to win over your competitors.

Call for an SEO expert

It must be admitted that being well referenced on Google is not an easy task. There are of course many resources for ranking online. You may look for online SEO tutorials, books and e-books to learn about SEO concept if you are planning to optimise a site by yourself. However, if you find it difficult or time-consuming, the next option is to look for a Web development Sri Lanka that offers SEO services. 

By adhering Google’s guidelines, you may achieve the best results. However, it will take months or years to rank depending on how competitive the search terms are.