How to pick a Domain Name for a Website?

The website’s domain name plays a significant role in enhancing the online presence and brand image of a business. As web development companies in Sri Lanka, it can be quiet challenging to find an exact domain name you are in search.  You may be a web development expert – here are some tips to keep in your mind while choosing a domain name for a website.

Go for a unique name

A unique website name is vital to create a brand name and catch online visitors. A few decades back, only fewer websites existed online, whereas now you may have noticed the numbers of websites are gradually increasing within hours. Therefore make your site name unique to stand out from the rest. It is not rocket science – just find few names to match with your niche and create an outstanding name.

Pick the relevant extension

Choose a TLD like .com, to target your website globally. Since it is not a country specified extension, using a .com is the most convincing approach of assuring your site will be found online. But, this is not the case when it comes to country specified websites. You may choose .de in German, in the United Kingdom and .org in non-profit organisation websites for added credibility.

Simple and easy to remember

As human beings, we tend to forget often. Therefore, select a domain name which is simple and easy to remember. It should be easy for your fingers to type and for the eyes to remember. Avoid using repetitive letters that can lead spelling mistakes – instead use an easily recognisable catchy website name.

It is always the best practice to limit your domain name between 10 to 13 characters and not exceeding two words. Do not include numbers or any special characters in your domain name; only the letters and words will do the needful.

The bottom line is to pick a name that can be easily pronounced orally and typed without any spelling mistakes.

Check the availability on social platforms

If you have a website, then there is no doubt you want to promote it on social platforms. Have a quick search for the page name availability on social networking sites, so that you can use your website’s domain name similarly on each platform. It is indeed a great way of creating website brand awareness and reputation online.