How to reference your site on Google in 2020?

While more than 90% of searches are performed on Google, a website needs to appear on the first page of this search engine. Although Google’s algorithm is very complex, there are many criteria to make it much better. This article explains the tips on how to target a site for search engines and particularly on Google.

What is SEO?

While talking about referencing on Google, it is important to decide between SEO and paid advertising.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can increase the visibility of web pages by generating organic results. Among thousands of ranking factors in SEO, relevance and reputation are important. The relevance of your page is calculated based on website content and how it responds perfectly to the user’s request. Reputation can translate into external links that point to your website.

Google ads bring traffic to your website through paid searches. This means that the advertiser (your company) pays the publisher (Google) each time a visitor clicks on an ad visible on the search engine according to the keywords you have set for your campaign.

As a web design company in Sri Lanka, here we are focusing on SEO. 

How to appear on Google?

Before wanting to appear on the first page of Google, you must let Google know and understand your website, which results in indexing. However, this doesn’t mean a site to appear on the first page as you search on the very first day. It takes a few or more days to be indexed by search engine spiders. It is when the robots of the search engines pass on your site details and add them to its databases.

Pick the right keywords 

A well-thought-out keyword strategy brings positive results. While there are plentiful of SEO keyword research tools found on the internet, Google’s keyword research tool is the most trusted. Identify the search patterns and phrases related to your business and go for long-tail keywords that have a considerable amount of average searches and less competition. For instance; the keyword “shoes” has a broader search volume compared to the keyword “Nike shoes in Sri Lanka”. Broad and highly competitive keywords consume more time. So, be wise in your keyword research as it is the first step of an SEO strategy. Then comes the rest of the technical aspects which we will be addressing in our future posts.