Inventory Management System

IMS is a web-based Warehouse management application, which allows user to track inventory movements with status changes easily. Data capturing and automation will be happening with handheld PDA.

Main key Modules

Purchase Request

  • Purchase Request when buying New Items
  •  Approval PR Stage by Stage
  •  Attached relevant documents feature
  •  High-level Security and Audit details
  •  Comprehensive list of reports

Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order for approved PR Items
  •  Allowed creation of  One PO with multiple PR or Multiple PO for one PR
  •  Approval PO Stage by Stage
  •  Update Vendor Details
  •  PO Details and PO Listing Reports


  • Details of Inventory
  •  Brake down of Stock Received, Issued and return Items
  •  Inventory Listing Reports


  • Good Received Note used when actual Item received to warehouse.
  •  Allowed to create One GRN with multiple PO or Multiple GRN for one PO
  •  Allowed Direct GRN without PO
  •  Approval GRN Stage by Stage
  •  Barcode Label generation and printing. 
  •  GRN Details and GRN Listing Reports
  • Update Inventory by Completing GRN.

Stock Issue / Return

  • Issue Items from Inventory base on GRN
  •  Scan Items using PDA
  •  Approval Stock Issuance Stage by Stage
  •  Stock Issuance Details and Listing Reports
  • Return Extra Items back to Inventory base on Stock Issuance.
  •  Scan Items using PDA and update Inventory
  •  Approval Stock Return Stage by Stage
  •  Stock Return Details and Listing Reports


  • Completed PDA application integrate with web system.
  • Supporting multi level user setting configuration and high level security options.
  • Comprehensive inventory transaction report base on different filter options

How it helps you

This is a web based application, very easy to access

Easy tracking options with Status of all modules

Complete solutions which is covered most of the operations

Comprehensive list of reports for operational and management

Fully inergrated security, system audit and master settings for IT administration

Bar code labeling system and easy tracking with PDA application