Major web design trends of 2019

Web designing is continuously evolving while bringing new aspects every year, giving
designers new things to try. Here are some of the trends that will mark the world of web
design in the coming months.

  1. Fonts forget diets and get fat
    The choice of formatting impacts the readability of a web page. By opting more and more often for bold fonts, it will be easier to guide the users to the main areas of a website. You will notice that it is often the main titles that are highlighted to deliver the information more quickly while subtitles remain bland. You can even add a little color to emphasis them even more. However, be mindful not to overload the pages with highlighted sections.
  2. Chat bots become unavoidable
    This trend can be explained in particular by the technological advances in artificial intelligence, making these conversational robots more intelligent and efficient. You can hardly do without chat bots because they have become essential for maintaining customer relationship, humanizing the brand and facilitating connections with consumers.
  3. Augmented reality settles
    First used in video games, many e-commerce brands have seized this new technology to offer their users a unique experience. Indeed, augmented reality can easily be implemented because the usage is possible on any device with a camera. As a company providing web
    development Sri Lanka, it is time to apply this new technology and let your clients enjoy.
  4. Animations are always present
    The animated buttons, thanks to the “hover” effect (which changes color when the mouse passes, for example) or the “hamburger” menus that are transformed to encourage clicking are not ready to disappear. These animations, thanks to CSS and JavaScript, are now compatible with all browsers.
  5. The one-page is always strong
    Contrary to popular belief, the one-page is still not ready to leave. As a rule, a good web page should include related page titles, Meta descriptions and readable content to dominate the web. As the same, your website should consist of better content written for humans and not for bots. Make your content related to the website niche, short and sweet which is easy to read.