Methods used in Digital Marketing

To optimize your chances of achieving your goals online, the idea is to adopt a strategy that uses several digital channels. Among the many prescribed methods, the main ones used by leading web development companies in Sri Lanka are:


This brings together all the practices aimed at improving natural referencing on search engines. It is mainly a question of optimizing your contents so that they are relevant in the eyes of Internet users and search engines. In addition to content, your site must have a proper architecture with a coherent internal link structure. This is called on-page; the technical changes that need to be performed on your website. So, that your site meets the guidelines that are necessary to perform well on the internet. Finally, popularity is also a significant factor which requires obtaining external links from qualitative sites. This is called off-page SEO which comprises of link building techniques. 

Pay Per Click – Google Ads

Pay per click also called paid referencing, mainly designates the marketing techniques which make it possible to profit from the activity of searching for information on search engines. In practice, you buy keywords to advertise online with Adwords.


Acronym for Social Media Optimization, SMO designates all the techniques and actions intended to develop notoriety on social media. In the exercise of this discipline, you use different social networks to reach your targets. Be sure to distribute qualitative content to create the engagement of your customers and prospects.

E-mail Marketing

This practice remains an effective means of communication to contact your prospects. However, it would be best if you are careful not to send unwanted e-mails which very often annoy your recipients and could damage your reputation.

Web analysis

Also called web analytics, this discipline consists in analyzing the behaviour of your audience on your site to detect points to improve or modify. To do this, you must, among other things, determine the time spent by each Internet user, the interface they use and the bounce rate.

Digital marketing in perpetual evolution

Over the years, the methods used in digital marketing have diversified. Today, we are talking about brand content, content marketing, inbound marketing, or even influence marketing. More and more practices have gained their independence while others are emerging. Nevertheless, these concepts change from time to time; you must adapt to the existing environment and continuously innovate by anticipating technological developments and consumer behaviour.