restaurant management system in sri lanka

Restaurant Management System

The exact phenomenon of many of today’s Hotels and Restaurant owners that they find it hard to grow and expand even though they have funds and plans. Our Restaurant  Management System is a comprehensive software application which we tailor-made for F & B restaurant operation. It provide a seamless coordination between sales, kitchen, logistics, stores, and other departments.

Main key Modules

Table Management

The employee can create or change existing table plan of the restaurant in our system and can be changed with new dining arrangements. The tables are given with a unique id that can be identified when it is reserved. This system helps immediate bookings when there is a new reservation comes.

Order Management

Either it is dine in or take away, the system can handle both  requests  together. Depending on customer needs it can directly reserve tables.

Billing Management

Fully functional and most critical process for every food and beverage establishment is billing operations. The restaurant management system entire billing process including multiple payment options of cash, Debit/Credit card, vouchers and reward points.

Menu Management

The menu management comes with different features. The created menus can be re-write to add more condiments. Even these made bills can be merged. Once after the bill is done, a approved receipt can be sent to the kitchen and it will be automatically printed in the kitchen.

Administration Management

The administration can directly take the control of every branch of the restaurant. The master key features are already set for managing the entire system more efficiently. The admin can manage it employees and can view all major accesses and controls. Further more, security, stocks and reports can be easily accessible.

Inventory Management

Inventories can be maintained through the system. Adding or reporting existing or new products can be prospectively achievable with this system. As an advantage the administration can be notified earlier the necessary products get over.

How it helps you

This is a web base application so Easy To Access

Easy tracking options with Status of all modules

Complete solutions which is covered most of the operations

Comprehensive list of Report for operational and management

Fully integrated security, system audit & master settings

Barcode labelling system and easy tracking with PDA application