Web development trends to keep an eye on year 2019

The World Wide Web is frequently changing, and it is essential to keep up to date with
upcoming and current technologies. An interactive website is vital to keep your online
presence and grab potential customers. Therefore, it is crucial that modern business stay
updated with the latest web development trends to imply them on their website.

  1. Single Page Sites
    With the web tools available, it is straightforward to understand what your customers love
    about your website and what they don’t. Bounce rate is one of the aspects for finding a
    user-friendly website. The more bounce rate a website has, it means that something is
    lacking in your site. As a web design and development company, the future website
    requirements are moving towards single page sites. This means, instead of creating many
    pages, a designer could create a single page site including important pages in it.
  2. Intelligent chatbots
    Intelligent chatbots offer an option to interact with your customers, similar experience as
    talking to a customer service representative. These are well-matched with artificial
    intelligence and also called as an intelligent agent. By using AI, all the questions and doubts
    of the customers can be attended in best possible way. They can be programmed and
    backed by automated sources to answer your customer’s queries.
    It is also an ideal option for reducing human workers in your web design company Sri
    Lanka while having a machine operated agent to handle customer inquiries around the
  3. Mobile friendly website
    As you are aware that desktops will be no sooner replaced with smartphones and tablets, it
    is perfect considering about having a mobile-friendly website. Millions of people are using
    smartphones for online searches and social media engagement. Therefore, mobile phones
    are becoming more popular day by day. Through a mobile-friendly website, you are helping
    online users to view and interact with the site using mobiles.
    This doesn’t require creating two different websites, whereas it can be implemented within
    the current site. Specific web templates provide in-built responsive designs to make it
    easier. Or hire a professional to fulfil it.