What content to publish on Instagram to sell better?

Instagram is one of the most well-known social media in the world, and therefore one of the most used. Indeed, Insta is undoubtedly one of the most influential and popular social media circles for reaching among the audience. Here are a few content suggestions to reach out to the public on Instagram.

Featured product photos

Instagram is a social platform specializing in sharing visual content (pictures and videos). However, it is not enough to publish any image or any video to reach your audience and encourage them to buy. One must work on the quality of the visual before it is posted. In this regard, photos featuring your products are often one of the most effective elements of communication. The Instagram 2019 figures reveal that photos get more engagement than videos published. Consequently, it is clear that this type of content must be in the priority list of your Instagram strategy.

The photos featuring your products are understood to be photos in which users mostly see only the product. If you are a restaurateur, a picture of a meal captured in zoom setup thus has more effect than a zoom-out shot showing the dish in a specific random frame. If you are a seller of branded shoes, take attractive captures of your most beautiful models and ask for advice from your subscribers. Above all, take care of the layout so that the brand’s signature appears clearly to advertise proudly! The same goes if you are an e-merchant specializing in electronic devices, take a picture of the latest smartphone that you sell and let your community admire the designs.


Since the statistics show a great interest from Instagram users for images, the second type of content that this article will focus on is again a photo. Of course, videos are also the best content, but we will talk about it later.

An Infographic is an image and text-based content. So, instead of providing your subscribers with beautiful photos of your products, these types of content deliver certain information to your subscribers and win their attention. While it is true that infographics have been successful, you will need to make sure that you provide genuine and relevant infographics. An Infographic on real statistics of your industry could undoubtedly win over some interests. 

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